About Us.

WeeRun was formed in March 2013 by a small group of enthusiastic runners, who regularly meet up in Citraland.

The name WeeRun itself has a few special meanings. WeeRun can simply mean Wee (kami) run together (lari bersama). Keeping that in mind, we have a few local communities; together, whole-heartedly call themselves WeeRun.

Beginning this year, WeeRun has a new meaning, where WEE stands for Where Everyone Evolves. As time goes on, we feel some positive changes taking place in our members. Some attend their regular health check and get better results each time. Some used to hate exercise but now love to. Some never thought of becoming a marathoner and now regularly participate in marathon events.

We have learned through experience that when we run together we stay more motivated, train harder, and run better than we ever thought possible. Some of our members are experienced and fast runners while others are just starting to run. But we all have something in common: we like to run and think that running has to be fun.

To date we have more than 200 members.