Our Activities.

As our community grows, we want to promote healthier lifestyle to family, friends, co-workers and our neighbourhood.

One of the effective ways is to organise fun run events.

The first event was held in Citraland on 31 January 2016 and was called Family Fun Run (5k). About 500 runners participated in the event. It was a success and we were happy with the response. It was a free event without finisher medals, but the enthusiasm was quite satisfying!

The second event was during the total solar eclipse on 9 March 2016. We called the event Gerhana Run (5k and 9k). Like the first event, it was free to participate in. Although we gave away only 20 medals for top-10 5k and top-10 9k, about 900 runners came up to race. This event was supported by Graha Fairground and Dua Kelinci. SBOTV also came to cover the story.

Not stopping there, alongside with young entrepreneur community JCI East Java, we held our third event on 21 May 2016. This event called Walk for Autism 2016 (5k) was fully supported by our Mayor Ibu Tri Rismaharini. Thousands of children with autism and running communities in Surabaya registered and joined up. Badai Kerispatih, a musical artist also wrote a song titled "Pelangi Hidup Mereka" especially for these unfortunate children. The success of this event not only makes us realise the importance of healthy lifestyle, but also the impact of giving back to the society.

We were also involved in was with Yayasan Generasi Peduli, with its vision to participate in ensuring the education of future generations. It was on the Independence Day, 17 August 2016. This event was called Lari Ke Mimpimu (5k and 10k); meaning every child has to stay inspired and focused on achieving their goals in life. This event was attended by around 1200 runners from Surabaya and a few other cities, and every finisher got a medal.

Cleo Smart Run 2016 with Daniel Mananta (5k and 10k) was held on 9 October 2016 by Cleo Pure Water working with WeeRun as the race manager. Despite the heavy rain, more than 3000 runners still ran in their poncos.

At this opportunity, WeeRun was also in charge in taking photos. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain, many of runner's BIBs were not intact. Lesson learnt: keep the plastic sheet that comes with the BIB next time to ensure it withstands sweat and rain.

On 29 October 2016, US Alumni in conjunction with Grand Pakuwon Food Junction held Halloween Fun Run 2016. Most of the participants were families and WeeRun was trusted to handle the race management. As part of the theme, most participants showed up dressed in costumes. Some even went to the length dressed as Harry Porter to create a gory atmosphere. We also found many superheroes among the crowd, such as Superman, Batman and Captain America.

Because this was a family run, all family members had to finish together, stayed as a family during the race. Parents pushed their strollers when their children got tired in the middle of the race, some were seen walking together as a family. This was a beautiful sight! Families got together and spent some quality time. In the end, everyone got a medal for finishing the race. Not only Grand Pakuwon provided a good track for the run itself, there was also Ferris Wheel, Bumper Car, and so on. There was also kid's corner where children below 10 could participate in the trick or treat activity and pumpkin carving, while the adults could hang out by the food stalls. All the proceeds from this run were donated toward Education for Early Age Children (PAUD: Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini).