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Yayasan Abdi Asih

Yayasan Abdi Asih is a non-profit organisation founded by Ibu Liliek Sulistyowati in 1992 at Jalan Dukuh Kupang Timur XIII/41, Surabaya. The high rate of HIV transmission, AIDS cases and also social gaps against women, especially sex workers called Ibu Liliek to start this Foundation.

For more than 25 years, the Foundation remains dedicated and helps with love to anyone in need. At the beginning, the foundation focused on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in Jarak and Dolly areas in particular; empowering women, mothers and children and prevention of human trafficking in the area. However, along with the closure of Jarak and Dolly and the lack of program assistance from donors and the government, Abdi Asih continues to serve as a stopover and referral for HIV/AIDS carriers, with or without donor assistance.

Yayasan Abdi Asih has helped to eliminate dozens of female sex workers by skill training and giving venture capital, forming a local network with Muspida, Muspika, Police and pimps for the prevention of selling minors as sex workers. Other than that, the Foundation also helps caring HIV carriers and arranging funerals of the deceased. For the past 25 years the Foundation has worked together on a program with AUSAID, USAID, SAVE THE CHILDREN, both province and local government's Social Service and Health Service.

We are currently assisting more than 30 HIV carriers in Surabaya and surrounding areas. Our assistance is in the form of skill training, giving venture capital, nutrition assistance in the form of groceries and milk, medical treatment cost and subsidising for residence if they are expelled by the residents because of their status as HIV sufferers, to the assistance of ambulance costs, bathing the deceased, processing for releasing bodies from the hospital and also the funeral.

At our own shelter, we are treating a four-year-old child with HIV positive referred by Sidoarjo Social Service since the age of 3 months.


Yayasan Abdi Asih establishes itself as a means of handling social issues, especially in the areas of reproductive health, women's empowerment, and safe places for individuals living with HIV/AIDS (ODHA).


  • Providing social and financial assistance to ODHAs thus reducing the potential risk of death for ODHA.
  • Providing services and skill training for ODHA and surrounding communities in need, especially women and widows to improve their standard of living.
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