Wonder Woman Run

Wonder Woman Run is a charity event. We are passionate about supporting causes and charities that we believe in. Your donation is being allocated to rebuilding the infrastructure of Yayasan Pendidikan TK/SD Tunas Jaya and constructing a dormitory for the Singosari Village English trainers.

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Yayasan Pendidikan TK/SD Tunas Jaya

Tunas Jaya was established and founded by the late Ibu Sulikah Pone in 1976. She was an elementary school teacher before coming up with a vision and dream of building this school. When she conceived the idea, she deliberately chose the red-light district area because she wanted the children born in the area have a proper education. However, not only she wanted to provide the education, she did not want the children to get into the same situation as their parents (or mother in this case). She wanted to have a school which is safe for the children too.

At the present, the school is managed by Ibu Ani (Ibu Pone's daughter-in-law) with the help of three other teachers. The school hours are Monday to Saturday from 7am to 11am.

During the construction, Ibu Pone literally built the school herself as she did not have an architect to help her at that time. She even taught some of the teachers how to use hammers and nails to do some repairs on the building. In doing so, they could continue the education process without having to hire the costly and sometimes not-satisfactory outside help.

Upon seeing and understanding the mission statement of this school, Generasi Peduli Foundation (GPF) believes that Tunas Jaya is a good ground to plant seeds on. GPF would like to support them in raising funds to finance the school.

GPF had initiated a program called "Sekolah Cerdas" (Smart School) in which all funds received through the fundraising will be allocated to repairing the infrastructure of the school. GPF believes with the Sekolah Cerdas initiative, it can create a proper and conducive environment for the students to study. GPF itself has a program called Bocah Cerdas (Smart Child) where it has pledged sponsors to support the kids.

Indocita Foundation

Indocita Foundation's mission is to provide affordable or sometimes free of charge, good quality education; to prepare the next generation of leaders who are competent, bright, with high morale; and to contribute in educating the nation.

Some of Indocita Foundation's programs are as follow:

  1. Singosari English Village
    A free program for the community at Singosari Village with a purpose to teach English to the students as well as to instill manner and professionalism.
  2. Indocita Scholarship Program
    A scholarship program for trainers to be placed in Singosari English Village which includes accommodation and meals. The program has been going since 2009 funded by Alvin himself and there are currently about 500 trainers.
  3. English Teaching Session for Women at Class 3 Malang Penitentiary
    Adding language skills for the woman inmates so that when the serving time is up, they can find proper jobs with the language skill acquired.
  4. Meal Box Warriors
    An initiative by the trainers and students at Singosari to prepare meal box every Friday to be distributed to the less fortunate in Singosari area.

Your donation will be allocated to raise fund to construct a dormitory for the English trainers in Malang.

Indocita Foundation is looking forward to receiving any donation in any form for the continuation and development of its programs.

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