Wonder Woman Run.

Unleash the Confidence Within!!!

WeeRun.ID in collaboration with JCI East Java Chapter, Yayasan Generasi Peduli, and US Alumni Surabaya proudly present the first ever running event solely intended for women.

This run for women is held to commemorate our National Hero: R.A. Kartini, which at her time, empowered and pioneered equality of women among men.

The run itself will be held on Sunday 30 April 2017 at Ciputra Waterpark Surabaya.

To further empower women to join this run, WeeRun will have a special guest Melanie Putria to run together with the participants. Melanie Putria was Putri Indonesia in 2002 and a celebrity runner. She will share her life story as well after the run.

The purpose of this Wonder Women Run is to remind all women that they are unique, equally capable as men if not stronger; to support all women in building their confidence and for them to be healthy inside out.

This is a charity event and all proceed from this run will be donated to some education programs to rebuilding the infrastructure of Yayasan Pendidikan TK/SD Tunas Jaya and constructing a dormitory for the Singosari Village English trainers.

We strongly encourage all ladies to join this event.
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To register manually, please contact Rendy (081333366218), Satria (081233103199) and Willy (085755582913) on WhatsApp.